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A brief look into an MHD flow

(12-07-2016) James Perez Barrera (UNAM, Mexico)

A multiwavelength study of Crab Pulsar

(15-04-2019) Dr. Avishek Basu (National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, India)

A New Monitor and Control Power Supply PCB for Biasing LNAs of Large Radio Telescopes Receivers

(24-10-2023) Pierluigi Ortu (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Caglari, Italia)

A Q-band cryogenic receiver for the TMRT and microwave technology lab of SHAO

(22-02-2019) Dr. Weiye Zhong (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Cina)

A timeline for massive star-forming regions via deuterium chemistry

(19-02-2019) Dr. Andrea Giannetti (INAF - Istituto di Radioastronomia, Italia)

Advances in movie reconstruction in VLBI and novel ALMA archiving

(30-05-2024) Dr. Alejandro Mus Mejias (Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Italia)

AGN feedback through the cosmic times

(13-05-2016) Fabrizio Fiore (INAF- OA Roma)

AGN feedback: connecting X-ray ultra fast winds to large scale outflows in Seyfert 1 Galaxies

(20-06-2023) Dr. Anna Lia Longinotti (UNAM - Instituto de Astronomía, Messico)

ALMA Astronomer on Duty experience

(23-07-2018) Dr. Rosita paladino (INAF-IRA, Italia)
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