How to visit OAC


The INAF-Cagliari Astronomical Observatory (INAF-OAC) is an international research center that is part of the National Institute of Astrophysics. The headquarters are located in the Science and Technology Campus of the Municipality of Selargius.

Our observatory has spaces suitable for public visits such as the INAF-Oac Planetarium, the Teaching Room, the Auditorium, the Library, the Museum area. However, being a research center, visits are only possible by reservation and for groups of a certain number, such as schools, associations, groups of amateur astronomers, universities and more. There is no minimum number to book, it is assessed case by case and indeed, in these times of limitations and social distancing, the groups will certainly be less numerous than in the past.


INAF-OAC is the managing body of the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT) which is located in the municipality of San Basilio, about 35 km north of the Selargius headquarters.

The Sardinia Radio Telescope also has a Visitor Center capable of hosting groups of visitors up to 50 people, which will certainly be reduced by about 50% based on the new anti-Covid regulations.

To visit the Sardinia Radio Telescope you can book directly at the following link on the available dates: Come visitare SRT

For further information for both the sites it is possible to send an e-mail to infosrt.oaca@inaf.it or call the number +39 329 660 38 12.