Technological Research Lines

Atmospheric analysis Lab

The activities performed by the Work Package 4 (WP4) regarding the Sardinia Radio Telescope
project consist in site monitoring by measuring atmospheric opacity and water vapour, these quantities can greatly influence the quality of SRT's observations.

Operational site monitoring began towards the end of 2006 when a geodetic GPS was installed together with a meteorological station. The GPS receiver is conventionally used to estimate tropospheric delay, which is proportional to the integrated water vapour content in the atmosphere.

The historical radiosonde timeseries was obtained from the airport of Cagliari-Elmas and it embraces the last 50 years of radiosonde launches. The data has been input into a radiative transfer model in order to characterize the emission and absorption properties of the SRT site's atmosphere. More specifically, the quantities of interest are: water vapour content, opacity and brightness temperature at different frequencies.

Since the begining of 2008, the SRT site has been equipped also with a microwave radiometer.

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