Technological Research Lines

Technological development and transfer

The OA-CA is greatly involved in technological transfer, especially in the metrological sector and in its optical applications. These activities have received support in 2007 from INAF's UIT.

OA-CA development and technological transfer laboratory, which is active since 2007, started off mainly due to the expertise acquired by OA-CA in the field of metrological activities for SRT. In particular, radar laser systems, which are very useful in the car industry, have been developed. Such systems have been sponsored mainly by the ART Srl company and by INAF's UIT.

These activities have also been introduced in a spin-off which is financed by Sardinia's regional government in the POR (Regional Operative Programme) 2000-2006. The spin-off has been named POEMA srl (Advanced Opto-Elettronic and Metrological Planning,, and is focussed on planning and realizing optical system prototypes, in particular non-contact aligning and measuring systems.
Amongst POEMA's many activities there is a collaboration with Sardinia Reserch's photovoltaic laboratory  regarding the planning and realization of a photovoltaic concentrator.
In addition, this project has been financed by the regional government in the filed off basic research projects - 1° notification RAS - L.R. 7/2007.