Technological Research Lines

Microwaves Receivers Lab

The microwave laboratory of the Cagliari Astronomical observatory, is involved in the projection, manufacturing and characterization of microwave receivers for the SRT (Sardinia Radio Telescope).

The frequency range of SRT goes from 300 MHz up to 100 GHz, to receive this very large frequency spectrum band, at least 20 receivers are necessary.

The radioastronomical receivers are very complex systems which are composed by many active and passive electronic devices. They are based on the superheterodyne architecture and are cooled with refrigerant circuits which work at -250 Celsius degree.

The personnel who work in the laboratory is involved in system integration project, electromagnetic design and simulations, mechanical design and with the construction of antennae, and of active and passive microwave devices in waveguide and planar technologies. The laboratory has many advanced electronic and microwave instrumentation like, Network analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, equipment for assembling low loss coaxial cables, cryogenic measuring test bench and a vast range of simulation software.