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Informazioni logistiche generali

In questa pagina potete trovare alcune informazioni logistiche generali (hotel, ristoranti, trasporti,...) per chi visitasse Cagliari e l'Osservatorio in occasione di conferenze, meetings, workshops, etc.


Hotel Regina Margherita

Viale Regina Margherita, 44 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 670342 - Fax +39 070 668325

Web site: http://www.hotelreginamargherita.com

Hotel Italia

Via Sardegna, 31 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 660410 - Fax +39 070 650240

Web site: http://www.hotelitaliacagliari.com/en/

Hotel Due Colonne

Via Sardegna, 4 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 658710 - Fax +39 070 654783

Web site: http://www.hotelduecolonnecagliari.it

Quattro Mori

Via G.M. Angioy, 27 09124 Cagliari

Tel +39 070 668535 - Fax +39 070 666087

Web site: http://www.hotel4mori.it

Maison Miramare Boutique Hotel

Via Roma 59, 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 664021

Sito Web: http://www.hotelmiramarecagliari.it

Sardegna Hotel

Via Lunigiana, 50 09122 Cagliari

Tel +39 070 286245 - Fax +39 070 290469

Web site: http://www.shg.it/hsardegna


Via Dei Giudicati, 66 09131 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 47400 - Fax +39 070 474016

Web site: http://www.thotel.it

Hotel Panorama

Viale A. Diaz, 231 09126 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 307691 - Fax +39 070 305413

Web site: http://www.hotelpanoramasardinia.com/

La Terrazza

Via Santa Margherita, 21 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 668652

Web site: http://www.laterrazzahotel.com


La Ghirlanda B&B

Via L. Baylle 7, 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 2040610 ; +39 339 8892648

Web site: http://www.laghirlandacagliari.it

Le Suite sul Corso B&B

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 8, 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 349 4469789

Web site: http://www.lesuitesulcorso.it

Sa Domu Cheta B&B

Via Portoscalas 30, Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 655002 - Fax +39 070 4603741

Web site: http://www.sadomucheta.it

Centro Storico Via Manno B&B

Vico Manno 1, 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 335 8302020 ; +39 338 6341476

Web site: http://www.centrostoricoviamanno.it

Note Sulla Piazza B&B

Piazza Yenne 36, 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 347 9550477 - Fax +39 070 650219

Web site: http://www.notesullapiazza.it

Sardinia Domus B&B

Largo Carlo Felice 26, 09124 Cagliari

Tel. +39 070 659783

Web site: http://www.sardiniadomus.it


Lo Zodiaco

Via Sassari 59

Tel. +39 070 670333

Web site: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lo-Zodiaco/194746337213783

Ci pensa Cannas

Via Sardegna 37

Tel. +39 070 667815

Web site: http://www.cipensacannas.it/

L’oca bianca pizzeria

Via Napoli 38

Tel. +39 070 664339

Web site: http://www.locabiancacagliari.it/it/index.html

Sa Schironada

Via Baylle 39

Tel. +39 070 680570

Web site: http://www.saschironada.it/


Viale Trieste 74

Tel. +39 070 284835

Web site: http://www.sincontru.it/it/

Picanha’s (Brasilian restaurant)

Via Angioy 40

Tel. +39 393 627 5603

Web site: https://it-it.facebook.com/picanhas2000/

Su Cumbidu

Via Napoli 11/13

Tel. +39 070 670712

Web site: https://www.facebook.com/su.cumbidu


Viale Poetto 82

Tel. +39 349 774 3794

Web site: http://www.ricciomaniadaroberto.it/

Trattoria Lillicu

Via Sardegna 78

Tel. +39 070 652970

Web site: http://www.trattoria.cagliari.it/

Lo scoglio

Località Spiaggiola S.Elia

Tel. +39 070 371927

Web site: http://www.ristoranteloscoglio.it/

Lo spiedo sardo

Via Giuseppe Palomba 47

Tel. +39 070 492202

Il pepe rosa

Via Della Pineta 108

Tel. +39 070 303313


Via Sicilia 20a

Tel. +39 070 670755

Web site: https://it-it.facebook.com/cogas.ristorante/

Man.Gia. (gluten free restaurant)

Via Mameli 196/A

Tel. +39 334 770 6497

Web site: http://www.mangiasenzaglutine.it/

Pani E Casu

Via Santa Croce 51

Tel. +39 070 858 6629

Web site: http://www.med-dietrestaurant.eu/restaurant/pani-e-casu-cagliari/

Su Stampu Pizzeria

Via Randaccio 18b, Pirri

Tel. +39 070 204 2809

Web site: https://m.facebook.com/SuStampuPizzeria/

Ginza Sushi Bar (Japanese restaurant)

Via Dante 240

Tel. +39 070 451 5045

Web site: https://it-it.facebook.com/Ginza-174150842747373/


Via Sassari 11

Tel. +39 070 656060

Web site: http://www.rossopomodoro.it/ristoranti/CAGLIARI/cagliari-citta

La Pirata

Viale Regina Margherita 22

Tel. +39 070 658474

Web site: http://www.motomarsarda.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38

La Pirata 2

Porticciolo di Marina Piccola

Tel. +39 070 371499

Web site: http://www.motomarsarda.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=39


Cagliari is the main city in southern Sardinia. It can be easily reached by plane from Italy main land and from abroad, via Milan or Rome or directly, e.g. from London, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid. The direct international routes are mainly served by low-cost companies such as ryanair and easyjet.

The city airport is Cagliari Elmas, only 10 minutes from the city by public transport.From the Elmas airport you can either take a train to the Cagliari train station or a taxi.

The airport train station is about 5 minutes from the arrival hall; follow the "Train" signs to the left. The rail service starts at about 5AM and ends after 9PM with 20 mins. average frequency. The journey to and from downtown takes 5-7 mins, single fare is 1.30 euro. Tickets are sold by Trenitalia (http://www.trenitalia.com/) at the vending machines (located both in the Arrivals area of the airterminal and inside the train station), online and by official ticket counters and authorized dealers.

Train timetables can be found online but are, sometimes, unreliable. It's hence best if you simply look at the departure panel located in the arrival hall and check when the next train is due. Cagliari train station is located in piazza Matteotti, in the city centre.

Taxis can also be found outside the arrival hall. A ride to the city centre costs about 20-25 euros.Car rental companies are located in a dedicated area in front of the terminal.

More info on the airport website: http://www.sogaer.it/en/local-transportation.html

Alternatively, if you don't want to fly, you can take a ferry boat (from Civitavecchia, Napoli, Palermo or Trapani) to Cagliari. The harbour is also in the city centre, close to piazza Matteotti.


Consider buying a weekly ticket. It is relatively cheap, 12 euros, and makes life easy. It is valid on the entire public transport network (including the light rail) for 7 days since its first use.Tickets can be purchased at tobacconists and newsstands displaying the logo on the right, or at the CTM POINT in Piazza Matteotti (opposite the train station; open 7.30 am - 1.30 pm Mon to Sat, or use the 24/7 ticket machine).


The INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari is located in Via della Scienza 5, Selargius (province of Cagliari), in the island of Sardinia, in Italy.

Unfortunately, the Observatory can not be reached by public transport yet. We suggest to rent a car, or a mini-bus if you can arrange a little group of people.

If you are driving from the Cagliari urban area get on the road SS 554 and drive in the direction of Dolianova. Exit SS 554 at the crossroad with SS 387 (again, direction Dolianova). After about 1 km on the SS 387 turn left at the traffic light (normally off or flashing yellow; there is a sign for “Area Santa Rosa”). Follow the unpaved road for ~200 m. The Observatory will be on your left.

Meals and water at the Observatory:

Currently the Observatory has no canteen or catering service. You can take some food with you and use the local kitchenette, which includes two microwave ovens, a kettle, a toaster and an electric stove. You will also find basic pans, cutlery, dishes and glasses.

Alternatively you can get pizza delivered to the Observatory by calling the local restaurant Su Stampu at +39 070 2042809.

Note that you should not drink tap water at the Observatory.

Wireless connection at the Observatory:

Eduroam is available at the Observatory. Alternatively, if you don’t have an eduroam account, you can get a temporary password for the guest wireless network. Your host at the Observatory will take care of this together with the ICT staff.

Contact details:

Observatory phone: +39070711801

We recommend you also have the contact details of your local host at hands.


In case of an emergency you can use one of the following numbers:

• 113 (police)

• 115 (fire brigade)

• 118 (medical emergencies)