28 MARCH 2015 time 0:39
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Second newsletter of the EuSky Rout project

The second newsletter of the European project EU-Sky Route has been released.
The second newsletter of the European project "Eu-Sky Route" has been recently released. Inside, you can find the main activities done till now and the general description of the different routes proposed by each partner of the project.

The Sardinia proposal is focused on the association between astronomy and ancient history. We started from the consideration that Sardinia present on one side an ancient, peculiar history, which is deeply based in the pre-nuragic and nuragic culture and is well represented by nuraghes, and on the other side has, in the last decades, strongly increased the technological and scientifical level of various research projects, in particular in the astronomy field.
Astronomical tours have never been proposed by travel tour operators in Sardinia, even if this island offers, to respect to other parts in Italy, several areas in which the quality of the sky is still good.
Indeed, Sardinia is a privileged place where to learn and enjoy astronomy, from very different points of view.
The quality of it sky (see picture beside) it is still good in comparison to the rest of the Italian territory. Moreover, in Sardinia a research Institute, part of the Italian Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), is present: the Cagliari Astronomical Observatory.
The Cagliari Astronomical Observatory is the reference institute for the astrophysical research and recently moved in a newer, modern headquarter. Again, about 40 km north from the Sardinia capital, an International Station of Radio astronomy has born and growing around a big radio telescope, the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT), which has a nuragic symbol in its logo.

Mixing of ancient hystory and modern astronomy could result in a unusual way to visit Sardinia, in a symbolic travel through space and time. Besides OAC and SRT, several other places could be interesting in this framework: the Tuili Sardinia in miniature Park and the Barumini Su Nuraxi complex, the Pranu Mutteddu Site with its megalithic alignments, the Unione Sarda Planetarium or the Lanusei amatorial Observatory.

The routes will be offically presented during the final meeting of the project, "The Astro-Tourism in Europe: An increasing Business", which will be held in Bruxelles next 16 and 17 of June.