13 MARZO 2024 ore 11:30

The 3D velocity and magnetic fields of a MHD disk-wind around a forming star

Dr. Luca Moscadelli (INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Italia)
The 3D velocity and magnetic fields of a MHD disk-wind around a forming star
The formation of astrophysical objects of different nature, from black holes to gaseous giant planets, involves a disk-jet system, where the disk drives the mass accretion onto a central compact object and the jet is a fast collimated ejection along the disk rotation axis. Magnetohydrodynamic disk winds can provide the link between mass accretion and ejection, which is essential to ensure that the excess angular momentum is removed and accretion can proceed. Through sensitive Global Very Long Baseline Interferometry observations of the polarized emission of the 22 GHz water masers, we have traced individual streamlines of the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) disk wind associated with the intermediate-mass YSO IRAS 21078+5211. Our resistive-radiative-gravito-MHD simulations of a jet around a forming massive star are able to closely reproduce both the observed maser kinematics and magnetic field configuration in the inner jet cavity. By recent multi-epoch Very Long Baseline Array observations, we have determined the maser 3D velocity field, too. This talk discusses the results of these new observations and their contribution to better characterize the disk wind physics. 




Breve CV del Dr. Luca Moscadelli:

1990: Laurea in Fisica a Firenze; 
1994: Dottorato in Astronomia a Bologna; 
Nov 1993 - Nov 1994: "Visiting Student" presso Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Cambridge, USA);
Mar 1995 - Set 1998: Post-Doc positions presso il Max-Planck Institute fuer Radiosastronomie;
Feb 1998 - Apr 2006: Ricercatore Astronomo presso Osservatorio di Cagliari;
Mag 2006 - ad oggi: Ricercatore Astronomo presso Osservatorio di Arcetri (Fi).

Principale campo di ricerca: Cinematica e condizioni fisiche dei dischi e jet protostellari mediante osservazioni VLBI dei maser molecolari.