29 FEBBRAIO 2024 ore 11:30

Gamma-ray emission from accreting X-ray pulsars: current status and future prospects

Dr. Lorenzo Ducci (University of Tübingen, Germania)
Gamma-ray emission from accreting X-ray pulsars: current status and  future prospects

The search for gamma-ray sources coincident with accreting X-ray pulsars has been a long-standing focus of research in astrophysics. Sizing up this population is important because their study provides crucial insights into the physical processes involving relativistic particles and their interaction with energetic photons in environments characterised by high magnetic fields and strong gravity. So far, there are only few associations based on temporal variability, and most associations rely only on spatial coincidence. With the advent of new facilities such as the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), the number of such sources is expected to increase due to improved flux sensitivity and angular resolution. I give an overview of the observational properties of the most representative of the known candidate gamma-ray emitting accreting X-ray neutron stars, and of the proposed mechanisms to explain the gamma-ray emission from these sources.



Breve CV del Dr. Lorenzo Ducci:

Lorenzo Ducci ha studiato Fisica all'Statale di Milano, e ha conseguito il dottorato all'Università degli Studi dell'Insubria. Ha completato sia la tesi di master e quella di dottorato all'INAF IASF-Milano. Ha trascorso circa 14 anni come postdoc all'University of Tübingen, all'University of Geneva, e nuovamente all'University of Tübingen, dove lavora attualmente. I suoi interessi scientifici sono principalmente nel campo dell'astrofisica delle alte energie, con particolare enfasi nello studio dei meccanismi di accrescimento su stelle di neutroni.