20 GIUGNO 2023 ore 15:00

AGN feedback: connecting X-ray ultra fast winds to large scale outflows in Seyfert 1 Galaxies

Dr. Anna Lia Longinotti (UNAM - Instituto de Astronomía, Messico)
AGN feedback: connecting X-ray ultra fast winds to large scale outflows in Seyfert 1 Galaxies

The well-established relations observed between the properties of host galaxies and their nuclear black hole activity suggest the presence of a solid yet still mysterious mechanism that makes BH behavior at nuclear scale impacting the galaxy-scale environment. 
Multi-band observations of AGN-driven outflows support the idea that energy-conserving outflows may induce AGN feedback not only in powerful active galaxies, but also at lower luminosity regime. 
In this context, tracing each phase of the outflow from the X-ray accretion disc winds to the large scale optical and molecular massive outflows offers a tool to understand how the initial energy of the nuclear wind is transferred outward. 
Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies with their bright X-ray spectra and newly-revealed stratified Ultra Fast Outflows are promising targets where such mechanism can be explored. 
I will present preliminary results on a sample of NLSy1 selected to have powerful X-ray UFOs in XMM-Newton grating spectra, with particular emphasis on the shocked outflow revealed in the multi-band campaign of IRAS17020+4544 (XMM-Newton, LMT, NOEMA Chandra,HST-COS, e-MERLIN, VLBA), and I will discuss the properties of the molecular gas of these NLSy1 studied via mm observations with the IRAM-30m telescope. If time allows, follow-up observations available for some of these sources will be presented too.  


Breve CV della Dr. Anna Lia Longinotti:

La Dr. A.L. Longinotti ha conseguito il suo Ph.D all'Imperial College London nel 2006. Ha lavorato come ricercatrice postdoc all'European Space Agency e al MIT-Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research, dove ha esteso la sua esperienza nel campo degli Active Galactic Nuclei osservati tramite gli osservatori spaziali per i raggi X. Ha lavorato come Community Support Scientist per il satellite XMM-Newton e più tardi nel 2015 si è unita alla HAWC Collaboration (High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory). Fa attualmente parte dello staff accademico dell'Institute of Astronomy of UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico). I suoi interessi scientifici includono le proprietà multi-frequenza degli AGN, la comprensione del meccanismo di accrescimento ed espulsione di massa dai buchi neri, il fenomeno dei venti degli AGN, e il loro ruolo di feedback nella formazione ed evoluzione delle galassie. E' fortemente impegnata in attività di insegnamento, training e tutoraggio di studenti.