28 NOVEMBRE 2019 ore 11:00
Oggi Astro Chiacchiere!

Galaxies in cluster substructure

Julia Healy (University of Cape Town, Sudafrica; University of Groningen , Paesi Bassi)
Galaxies in cluster substructure

Galaxy clusters are some of largest structures in the universe. These very dense environments tend to be home to higher numbers of evolved galaxies that what is found in lower density environments. It is well known that dense environments can influence the evolution of galaxies through the removal of the neutral gas (HI) reservoirs which fuel star formation. It is unclear which environment has a stronger effect: the local environment (i.e. the substructure within the cluster), or the cluster itself. To disentangle this, we study the morphology and gas in galaxies in different environments in two very different clusters: Coma, the prototypical z~0 galaxy cluster, and the very different, non-typical Abell 2626. We use optical imaging and spectroscopy to determine the local environment of galaxies within the cluster and radio data to probe the HI content of the galaxies. I will present some results for Coma, as well as some first results for Abell 2626 which makes use of HI data observed with MeerKAT and optical data from MeerLICHT.