11 GIUGNO 2019 ore 11:00

The new view on planet formation: fast and furious

Dr. Leonardo Testi (ESO ALMA, Germania)
The new view on planet formation: fast and furious

The field of exoplanet and their origin has been transformed in the last two decades. The demographical properties of exoplanetary systems are now telling us that virtually all stars host a planetary system, but also that the precise Solar System architecture is not a unique, and possibly even common outcome of the planet formation process. The field has evolved from trying to understand the origins of the Solar System to understanding the origin of the ubiquity and diversity of planetary systems. As planetary systems form in disks around young stars, understanding the physics, chemistry and evolution of disks, as well as disk-planet interaction are the key to understand the diversity of initial conditions for exoplanetary systems. New constraints have been coming in the past years from sub-millimetre and infrared observations of young disk populations in nearby star forming regions.

In this talk I will review our current understanding of planet formation and protoplanetary disk properties, the successes, challenges and open problems that we are hoping to unravel in the coming years.