16 OTTOBRE 2018 ore 15:00

Tracing star formation and AGN activity at radio frequencies

Dr. Daniel Molnar (INAF - OAC, Italia)
Tracing star formation and AGN activity at radio frequencies

My PhD research focused on locating and measuring star formation and AGN activity in different environments mainly using interferometric radio continuum observations. As my first project, I studied the complex interaction between an intermediate redshift (z ~ 0.3) starburst galaxy and a nearby (~ 7 kpc separation) AGN using new, sub-arcsecond VLA observations. I found new evidence for jet-induced star formation activity in the companion starburst, making the system a strong candidate for this rare, and potentially important process in the early Universe. In my second paper, I investigated the infrared-radio correlation (IRRC) of spheroid- and disc-dominated galaxies out to z ~ 1.5, and found different redshift dependent trends for these systems. Finally, I will present early results from my on-going effort to compile the largest-to-date low-z IRRC sample, that ultimately aims to pave the way for new generation radio star formation surveys with SKA and its precursor facilities, MeerKAT and ASKAP.