21 NOVEMBRE 2017 ore 11:30
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G351: a detailed study for (proto)cluster formation

Silvia Leurini
G351: a detailed  study for (proto)cluster formation
The initial steps of star and cluster formation are believed to be 
tightly linked to the evolution of interstellar filaments. In
contrast to lower-mass filaments, mass accretion from large scales
in the form of sub-filaments seems to play a key role for the formation
of their high-mass counterparts. The build up of massive filaments is
still poorly understood and only a few examples are known to date.
G351.77-0.51 is the youngest and most massive filament in the ATLASGAL
survey of the Galactic plane within 1 kpc and it exhibits a remarkable
large-scale network of filamentary structures seen in extinction at
8micron. I will present a detailed study of the kinematics of G351.77
and of the network of sub-filaments converging based on C18O APEX data.


Oggi Astro Chiacchiere!
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