Matteo Bachetti


Tel. : 070 71180271
Fax. :
Researcher in High Energy Astrophysics Group
Matteo Bachetti got his PhD in Physics in 2010 at the University of 
Cagliari. Then, he lived in Toulouse, France, until 2014, where he
worked as a researcher and software developer at the Institut de
Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie (former CESR), and as a
lecturer at Centre National d'Arts et Métiers.

His research interests are the theoretical modeling and radio/X-ray
observations of neutron stars and black holes.
He wrote about 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Since 2011,
he is member of the Science Team of the NASA small explorer mission
NuSTAR. This satellite carries two focusing hard X-ray telescopes
to make images of the sky in the high-energy X-ray band.
In this project, he's involved in the working groups focusing on
ultraluminous X-ray sources, Galactic Binaries and Magnetars.
Besides this scientific work, he chairs the timing calibration
working group.