About the Library 

The Library was established when the Astronomical Station was founded in Carloforte in 1899. The Institute was meant to provide observing and technical facilities only, as the location was at that time considered as a transitional one, that is to be disused in a few decades.

The project which transformed the Astronomical Institute into a proper Observatory took place during the Seventies, with a consequent extension of the activities and the fields of interest, and the move to a new location.

In those years Edoardo Proverbio was the director of the Observatory. Thanks to him this change came along with an enlargement of the Library, where next to the catalogues, the log tables, and the volumes on general astronomy and astrometry, were then included series on science history, philosophy, general culture, and even some rare ancient volumes, providing the library resources with the actual structure.

The book collection

The Library contains approximately 9500 volumes, mostly related to astronomical and astrophysical subjects. A large section is dedicated to scientific divulgation and history of sciences in general. It also provides subscriptions to around 50 between national and international specialized journals of astronomy, geophysics, and other sciences.

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