Sito di divulgazione Astronomica

Visitare SRT a San Basilio

Guided tours of the SRT


It is possible to book a guided tour of the Sardinia Radio Telescope site.

Guided tours, generally scheduled on Friday, during the school year are primarily addressed to scolars in the morning (two rounds) and to the general public in the afternoon (only one round).

During the summer, all rounds are available for the general public. The activation of a round depends on the number of participants: the minimum number is set to 10, the maximum number of visitors allowed per round is set to 45.

Advance booking is required. How to book:

First of all, check the  available dates. Then compile the online form.

The visit is free of charge.

If you wish to send us comments or hints, please compile the Feedback form.





For further info, call the number +39 3296603815 or send an email to